perjantai 17. kesäkuuta 2016

Paleface for President

Jalka vipattaa. Lissää tätä, ja isommat luskat!

For the last few years I have been worried about the rise of the far right in Finland. There's a homophobic racist party in our government and it doesn't seem to bother the two other government parties at all. There are street patrols by young men with very little hair and pilot jackets, with "Soldiers of Odin" printed on their backs. They say they're there to protect Finnish women which is kind of funny considering some of them are convicted wifebeaters and assaulters of women. Not to mention the fact they're supposed to be Finnish through and through and celebrate the vague concept of "pure Finnish culture" but totally ignore the fact that Odin is not a Finnish god. Read your Norse mythology, dummies! There are more and more of racist outbursts and confrontations on the streets by the so called common people and that, to me, is the scariest part. The language in the Internet & especially Facebook is horrifying, not surprisingly worst in the groups leaning to the right but there are occasional outbursts in completely unpolitical groups, too.

Fortunately there are counter forces, like Loldiers of Odin who dress up as clowns and hang around the Soldiers of Odin patrols, totally ruining their demonstrations even though the police tries to protect the neonazis from the clowns. Yes, you read that quite right. A woman managed to register the trade mark of the Soldiers and uses it to print shirts with rainbow unicorns and shit. And there's Paleface & co who make noise and never give up. The liberal and/or left-leaning parties have made their views clear, too (the ex-leader of Left Alliance, our ex-minister of culture, is participating in this video).

The publishing date of the song was surely planned a long time ago. That it's the next day after #JoCox in my view emphasizes the message even more: we refuse to be afraid of the neo-nazis. More Loldiers, less Soldiers in my country, thanks.

Besides, it's a really catchy tune.

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